Two-factor authentication

Scarpel Telecom offers a range of advanced solutions trusted by mobile operators across the globe

Using Scarpel Telecom, you can verify your users' credentials by sending them an OTP password and asking them to confirm the code back. Thus you'll make sure that the user is the actual account holder

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

2FA is a simple security procedure, which allows you to confirm the identity of an authorized user. 2FA involves a combination of the two identifiers – a mobile phone and a one-time password.

User receives a verification code, which is sent via SMS directly to his mobile phone. An OTP code is unique, numeric and automatically expires within 5 minutes, if it is not validated by user

Why use Two-Factor

The simplest form of authentication - a username and a password - is no longer enough to protect your customers from undesired access to their account information. By adding an extra security cover to a login, Scarpel Telecom's 2FA API reduces the risks of unauthorized individuals accessing your customer's credentials.

How it works?

Reach all-new audiences based on their gender, age, location or interests

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Your website obtains the user's details and sends a request to Scarpel Telecom through API


Scarpel Telecom processes the request and sends a one-time password to the user via SMS


Your website urges the user to input the code for further validation


Scarpel Telecom checks the validity of the code and returns a positive or a negative response